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Mayhem Tea Sampler

Half ounce sampler of the following tea blends.

Awake the Mayhem -
A superb synergy of jasmine, green tea, and luscious Lichee fruit with a sweet fruit finish. 

Calm the Mayhem -
The perfect ratio of lavender, chamomile, and passion flower to promote calm & relaxation.

Mayhem is my Happy Place -
This tea is a combination of St. John's Wort, green Yerba Mate (mild caffeine), tropical rooibos, and chamomile.

Mayhem Purple Mediterranean Blue -
Mediterranean Blue is an all-natural blend containing jasmine, nettle, star anise, licorice, fennel, currant, rosehips, butterfly-blue pea flower, and hibiscus.

Sunset on the Mayhem - 
Rosehips, vanilla, chamomile, valerian, sassafras, spearmint, strawberry leaves, lemongrass, hyssop, wintergreen, passion flowers, lemon peel, white cherry, and herbs.