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Bernina Academy 3: Find Your Sewing Identity

Are you a perfectionist, an over-achiever, or a true creative? Learn sewing, quilting, and embroidery techniques tailored to your unique sewing profile. Create a technique reference book featuring thirteen techniques, including sashiko, buttonholes, needle felting, ruler work, and more that you can use every time you walk into your sewing studio and turn on your machine to sew your next project. This will help you build a solid sewing foundation that will help you through a lifetime of sewing.

This course is open to everyone. Whether you are a seasoned pro, or you’ve never touched a sewing machine, you can attend this course. Everyone will walk away with tips and techniques to improve their sewing skills or inspire them to learn and sew more!

Skill Details:
All Levels
Materials Included:
Quilting Mayhem provides all the machines, tools, and supplies. The shop also provides lunches and snacks.
Instructor Name:
Debbie and DeeAnn

Bernina Academy 3: Find Your Sewing Identity

$ 199.00