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Mariner’s Compass Basics with Robin Ruth

Have you ever wanted to make a Mariner’s Compass block but were too intimidated? Not a fan of paper piecing or using tedious templates? You’ll love this class for learning how to make 16-point compass blocks in 16 different sizes using Robin Ruth Design’s rulers and strip-piecing method! Join Robin and learn all the compass basics for making either a “Skinny Robin” or “Fat Robin” Mariner’s Compass block.

Once you learn how to use her rulers and strip-piecing technique, you will be free to move on to one of the many patterns and projects made using this ruler system.

Students get to choose which kind of compass they will make: Skinny Robin or Fat Robin. You will make a 12” compass block and finish it into a block using Robin Ruth’s No Circle Finishing OctaCompass Method.

Students will also learn different techniques for finishing the centers of their compass block and also traditional circle techniques for finishing the compass block into the background (appliqué or sewing the circle block into your background square). Robin Ruth will share tons of tips for learning her strip-piecing method for making Mariner’s Compass blocks!

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Note: There are pre-class cutting instructions for this course. Please email for your copy after you have signed up for the class.

Skill Level:
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Robin Ruth of Robin Ruth Designs
Instructor Bio:
Robin is an internationally recognized quilt designer and the inventor of the strip-pieced Mariner?s Compass design.

Mariner’s Compass Basics with Robin Ruth

$ 100.00
20% off class supplies. *excludes kits and buy-ins*