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HQ Event Creative Textures & Fills

Come join us in learning many different quilting techniques in one or all six of these lecture demo classes taught by Handi Quilter Educator Kate Quinn.

Meandering is the easiest and most common filler for background space – but there are limitless creative design elements to use instead. Come expand your design portfolio by learning the stitch path of a wide variety of creative filler designs. Learn which designs lend themselves best to micro-quilting, and how to use micro-handles for best results.

Topics Include:
Selecting appropriate fills to compliment design style
Creating special effects with different fillers
Scaling the fill design size appropriately
Evenly placing and spacing fills
Effectively using HQ Micro Handles

Sign up for all six classes and get $101 off the total price by using code "HandiJuly2019"!

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Skill Details:
All Levels
Instructor Name:
Kate Quinn
Instructor Bio:
Handi Quilter National Educator
In addition to longarm work, Katie currently travels throughout the US, teaching all aspects of quilting. With her love of longarm quilting, it was a natural transition for her to teach others how to get the best from their Handi Quilter longarm machines.

HQ Event Creative Textures & Fills

$ 50.00