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Professional Longarm Quilting Services

 Appointments no longer needed.
See a staff member upstairs when dropping off your latest quilt for quilting.
Holiday quilts need to be received no later than September 1.
Quilting Mayhem offers professional longarm quilting services for folks who need a fast, convenient way to finish gorgeous quilts. All our longarm quilting is performed on a Handi Quilter Forte 24” machine, enabling us to stitch quilts of all sizes. We also provide quilt finishing services. 

Continue reading to learn more about our professional longarm quilters or click here to fill out our intake form for longarm quilting.

What Is Longarm Quilting?

Longarm quilting machines enable our professional quilter to load the back, batting, and top into a metal frame and stitch all three layers together at once. 

We sew edge to edge, left to right, creating a pattern selected by the customer who ordered the quilt. Because sewing is computerized, all the stitches are clean and even. 

The appeal of longarm quilting is that it helps you finish quilts faster and without strain. This method allows you to indulge the creative process of designing a quilt, picking out the thread, choosing patterns, etc., while freeing you from the physical responsibility of stitching the quilt. 

Our Longarm Quilting Process 

When you come into Quilting Mayhem for longarm quilting services, your project will proceed through the following steps: 

  1. Fill out an intake form. You’ll need to print and fill out this form.
  2. Backing and top selection. You can either bring in your own backing and top, or you can select a fabric from our shop. We offer a great selection of 108” wide backing in a variety of materials, including cotton, flannel, minky, and knit
  3. Measurement verification. Our professional quilter will ensure all your measurements are correct. 
  4. Thread and pattern selection. Choose from our huge selection of threads. Don’t see the color you’d like? We can special order threads for you. Because quilts are scheduled in advance, we’re able to get threads in by the time we start work on the quilt. Once you’ve selected your thread, you’ll choose a pattern from this design catalog. 
  5. Longarm quilt stitching. We’ll put your quilt in the queue and create it in the order in which it was received (Quilt return dates will vary). 
  6. Quilt finishing services. We can either finish the quilt off with machine binding or just stitch the topside and leave the backside for you to stitch. 
  7. Pickup! Once your quilt is complete, we’ll give you a ring and call you in to the shop for pickup. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Longarm Quilting Services

Are you considering longarm quilting for your next quilt project? If so, then you’re probably asking some of the same questions listed here:

1. How Much Does Professional Longarm Quilting Cost?

We charge 0.035 cents per square inch. To figure that out, multiply the length, by the width, by .035. For example: 68 x 72 = 4896 x .035 = $171.36. For small quilts, we have a minimum charge of $50.00. 

2. Can I Use My Own Batting?

Definitely! You can use your own batting, but keep in mind that we can’t guarantee the results. 

3. Does Quilting Mayhem Do the Binding?

Yes, we can do the binding. It needs to be cut at 2 ½ inches wide, sewn together so it’s one long strip, and pressed in half. It is sewn on with the topstitching on the front side.

4. How Long Is the Turn Around Time On a Quilt?

That really depends on how many quilts are ahead of yours. Return times vary and may be as long as 8-10 weeks. (Longer wait times are typical of quilts dropped off between the months of September - January)

5. Does Quilting Mayhem Do Custom Quilting?

At this time we are not doing custom quilting. As soon as we get it all figured out, we will have it on the website.

6. Can the Front and Back Threads Be Different?

Yes, we can use different thread colors for the top and bottom. It is still $1.75 per bobbin.

7. Does Quilting Mayhem Do T-shirt Quilts?

We do T-shirt quilts. Please make sure the T-shirt is stabilized and not stretched.

8. What Type of Backing Can I Use?

Cotton and flannel are the most popular. But knits and minky are also good for backings.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Longarm Quilting? 

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to hire a longarm quilting specialist, here are a couple of the biggest benefits you can take advantage of by using this service. Considering these may help you decide if longarm quilting is right for you. 

Get Your Quilt Completed

If efficiency is important to you, then you’ll appreciate longarm quilting’s speed. Once our quilting professionals begin work on your quilt, we usually have it completed in 8-10 weeks* (September to January usually runs 10-12 weeks. Quilts requested to be completed by Christmas must be dropped off before September 1). 

This is a huge benefit, especially when compared to how long it takes to hand stitch a quilt at home (3-12 months). 

While hand stitching and quilting on your home machine may make sense for heirloom quilts and other special pieces, most quilters don’t have enough free time to hand sew all of their quilting projects.

So if you’d like a quilt, but feel like time is tight, then professional longarm quilting services are ideal for you. 

Design Quilts of Any Size

Sewing large quilts require space and a machine that can handle vast swaths of fabric. Because of these constraints, many hobbyists find their creativity limited to quilts of a certain size. 

If you’d like to unleash your creativity and take on a large quilting project, then longarm quilting services are the solution for you. 

You select the fabric, thread, batting, stitches, and all the other creative elements and our expert quilters will compose your work of art on your behalf. 

Create Quilts Without Putting Strain On Your Body

Quilting isn’t just a creative hobby, it can also be a physical exercise. Quilts, especially large ones, require lots of movement and strength to work on. For example, crawling on the floor to baste and pin layers together, stitching large areas, and the struggle of pushing a heavy quilt under the arm of a home sewing machine. 

If your back isn’t what it used to be, or you don’t have enough energy at the end of the day to take up your quilting project, then professional longarm quilting services are the solution for you. 

Longarm quilting enables you to experience the same creative fulfillment but without the labor and back strain. 

Order Gorgeous Quilts With Zero Risk 

There are a lot of longarm quilting options available right now, allowing you to choose between professional longarm quilting services (like Quilting Mayhem) and at-home longarm quilters. 

The advantage of partnering with us, instead of an individual quilter, is that your quilt is made in our shop and doesn’t go to someone’s home. 

With at-home quilters, there’s the risk of smoking and animal smells permeating the fabric. But with our professional quilting services, you can rest easy knowing that your quilt is being created in a clean, professional environment and will be returned to you smelling fresh. 

Professional Longarm Quilting Services Near You 

Longarm quilting allows you to indulge in the creative pleasure of designing a quilt, selecting the materials, and stitch patterns, without having to worry about fitting stitch time into your schedule. 

To learn more about our quilting and quilt finishing services near you, stop by our shop in Snohomish, Washington, or give us a call today.