Longarm Quilting Services
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Longarm Quilting Services

Frequently Asked Questions about the Longarm Quilting Service:

Q.How much does it cost? A. The cost is .03 cents a square inch. To figure that out, multiply the length x width x .03. For example: 68 x 72 = 4896 x .03 =$146.88 B. Minimum is $50.00
Q.Can I use my own batting? A. Yes, you can use your own batting but we can’t guarantee the results.
Q.Does Quilting Mayhem do the binding? A. Yes, we can do the binding. It needs to be cut at 2 ½ inches wide, sewn together so it’s one long strip, and pressed in half. It is sewn on with the topstitching on the front side.
Q. How long is the turn around time on a quilt? A. That really depends on how many quilts are ahead of yours. Usually about 2-3 weeks.
Q. Does Quilting Mayhem do custom quilting? A. At this time we are not doing custom quilting. As soon as we get it all figured out, we will have it on the web site.
Q. Can the front and back threads be different? A. Yes, we can use different thread colors for the top and bottom. It is still $1.75 per bobbin.
Q. Does Quilting Mayhem do T-shirt quilts? A. We do T-shirt quilts. Please make sure the T-shirt is stabilized and not stretched.
Q. What type of backing can I use? A. Cotton and flannel are the most popular. But knits and minky are also good for backings.

Longarm Quilting Service Form

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Longarm Quilting Design Catalog

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