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Birdhouse Scissor Pal


Flip Flops- bangle


Heart Scissor Pal


I Love 2 Quilt- bangle


Kitty Scissor Pal


Mermaid Quilter Lighthouse - pin


Mermaid- earrings


Mouse Scissor Pal


Msr. Tape/Friendship- bangle


Ohio Star- bangle


Qlt. Rack/Stork Scissors bangle


Qltrs. Mermaid- bangle


Row by Row earrings


Saving Grace Button-Pin


Spool/Thimble- pin


Starfish- bangle


Thread/Mod. Sew. Machine- bangle


8mm Spacer Beads


8mm5 Spacer Beads


Basket Medium Pendant


Basket Mini Pendant


Button Dangle Watch Button Dangle Watch


Churn Dash Medium Pendant


Churn Dash Mini Pendant


Dresden Plate Medium Pendant


Dresden Plate Mini Pendant


Dutchman's Puzzle Medium Pendant


Dutchman's Puzzle Mini Pendant


Espiga Necklace -18"


Espiga Necklace -18"


Eyeglasses Earrings


Fashion Girl Pendant


Friendship Star Medium Pendant


Heart Pendant


Lemoyne Star Medium Pendant


North Star Medium Pendant


Purse Pendant


Quilting Cutter Bookmark


Sew Charming Bracelet Sew Charming Bracelet - Assorted


Siesta Necklace 18"


Snail's Trail Medium Pendant